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Island Sublime
Songs from Across a Seven Mile Sea

Downloads now available!! Single tracks, or the whole album with one bonus track. Stream before you download at bandcamp.
Thanks to the generosity of a host of Kickstarter crowdfunders, and to that of many other friends, musicians, and technical professionals that joined in creating it, Alex de Steiguer is pleased to announce the release of her first album of original songs written on the Isles of Shoals. Whether composed in the quiet of a still winter night, during a fresh dawn slowly lighting lonely seascapes or as a winter tempest rages outside, you'll find in this collection warm longing, amused musings, and songs of devotion and delight played by some of the area's best loved local musicians.

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The CD contains a full-color 12-page booklet with lyrics, liner notes, and stories from the album's production.

Musicians, Song List, Other Details

Alex de Steiguer - vocals, guitar, penny whistle
Sam Goodall - five-string violin
Craig Werth - ukelele, guitar, shruti-box, vocals
Kent Allyn - slide guitar, piano, acoustic guitar
Cynthia Chatis - flute
Lauren Wool - cello
Robbie Kneeland - percussion
Brad Anderson - kokorico, brushes, vocals

1. The Moment
2. My Only
3. Alone In the Night
4. Know Me
5. The Novelist
6. Mourning

7. Nine Silhouettes
8. Grey Sea, Wild Sea 
9. The Romantic
10. You
11. The Unknown
12. The Story
13. Whistling Wind (bonus track)

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