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Alexandra in Print: LensWork

A Collectible Magazine
Photography and the Creative Process

I'm very honored to have portfolios included in the prestigious LensWork Magazine (and to be their front cover as well!) I've got a very limited number of the two LensWork issues that include my images and words, and I'm happy to be able to offer them to anyone that loves a quality publication filled with great art and thought-provoking writing. Learn more about the magazine under the descriptions of the issues I have available. Each issue contains a total of five or six portfolios of beautifully reproduced images, each accompanied by a short artist essay - as well as additional interviews and editorials that I find terrifically interesting, and I think you will too.

museum book-quality
96 pages, softcover, 8.5" x 7"
beautifully printed stochastic duotones

No. 146, February 2020 - $13

No. 108, Sep-Oct 2013 - $34
(no. 108 rare, out of print)

LensWork No. 146, February 2020

Alex de Steiguer: "Island Sublime"
Twenty-two image portfolio with essay in which a seasonal hermit sings the praises of collaborative art-making and challenges her own perceptions of the very foundations of creativity. Includes captions from her Island Journal.

Excerpt: "....I developed my first roll of film in the bowels of a schooner somewhere off the coast of Spain; the drying film strips slowly canting from side to side with the listing of the ship. My own Lesson #1 was this: "creativity should be subject to no practical bounds" - to express something, find the right tool, gain some proficiency, and adapt and use that tool as best you can in the place that you are..."

#146 preview/info/options from LensWork here

Other Portfolios:
Thomas Vanoost: "Instability - Visual Expressions of Daily Chaos"
Blaine Ellis: "Sacred Structures - Visual Theologies in Light"
Joseph Kayne: "The Hzh of the Navajo - Formal Portraits as Wet-plate Collodion Tintypes

Seeing in Sixes Project:
Hadley Johnson: "At One with the Universe"
Izabela Korwel: "Shaker Village"


Brooks Jensen: "I Blame Stieglitz"   Why do we compare photographs to paintings? The only thing they have in common is they're flat... A rumination on the context of photography as a fine-art medium.
Guy Tal: "Art vs Artifact"  Christie's sells their first AI-generated art for $432,500... but art-making is a human endeavor by definition; artificial intelligence just cannot change that.

LensWork No. 108, September-October 2013 - Rare: OUT OF PRINT

Alex de Steiguer:

"Small Island, Big Picture"

Twenty image portfolio with essay describing life as the sole inhabitant of nine islands off the coast of New England... with additional interview & conversation with editor Brooks Jensen.

Excerpt: "...Deserted, wind-blown, and stark - in winter these islands feel like they could exist within any time. Look east, and there the ancient ocean rolls, look to the west, and modern civilization glints along the distant mainland; while on the island the old buildings stand sparsely in a harsh wind, fronting the winters of yet another century. Time seems both frozen and fluid here, immediate and endless..."

#108 preview/info/options from LensWork here

Other Portfolios:
Louis Kravitz: "Kolkata Morning"   How the street-side lives encountered on a morning in Calcutta reflect our common experience.
Marc Erwin Babej: "Mask of Perfection"   The means by which scientific advances allow enhancement of the "beauty" of subjects by surgical alteration.
Michael Morris: "Rural Kentucky"   An unexpected portfolio of beauty discovered while wandering the country byways of a small Kentucky town.
Allan Flagel: "Office Shadows"  Finding art in pedestrian places, a portfolio of light and shadow in a random office.


Brooks Jensen: "Photography, Meet the World of Design"   In the age of digital processing and distribution, what challenges do artists face in translating imagery from mat-board and frame to a myriad means of presenting work?

About LensWork: LensWork Magazine is a rare publication that wants to explore the art behind the medium without wallowing in gear-gab. Their mission statement (see below) reads like something I might have written myself, so naturally I have loved and subscribed to this magazine almost as long as I have been developing my own film. One day I got up the nerve to submit a portfolio, and was not only delighted to be chosen for a spread, not only honored to be given the cover, but also excited to do a long interview with editor and philosopher-king Brooks Jensen (available at LensWork Online). Brooks is incredibly prolific and insightful about the making of art, and he shares his ideas not only in the regularly engaging editorials found in each issue, but also in fascinating podcasts that he puts out with energetic frequency (since 2004!). I recommend this magazine absolutely and also the dizzying host of related content available to anyone that loves good work, and thoughtful artists and commentators that talk about the spirit behind art-making, whether you're a photographer or not.

From the Lenswork Mission Statement: "...The focus of LensWork is ideas & images rather than gear & techniques; imagination rather than imitation; and an understanding of photography beyond craft. Images are published as portfolios of art or to illustrate the creative concepts expressed in the articles.

Through an exchange of ideas, insight, personal experience, and opinions, it is hoped LensWork will inspire..."

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