Alexandra de Steiguer Photography

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alex de steiguer

"I dreamed of seals last night. I watched them, but when I tried to take a picture, they went away. It left me with the feeling that it’s impossible to capture the magic of the real, live moment of personal experience - that nothing comes close. That’s why it’s so important to really experience the moments, - they are so fleeting, and all I’ll ever really 'capture' of them is a pale reflection - if I’m lucky. Granted, my capture will last a long time, but a lifetime of looking at it may never equal the impact of that moment.
I think this is true for some images - but not all. Sometimes the visual moment doesn't carry as much impact, and the interpretation of it in a beautifully printed work can have more emotional force. There’s a print I made last year - ‘Skyward’, that’s like that. I think I added to its emotional impact, made it more than it was, and every time I walk past that stone now, I picture my image of it - almost as if that ‘image’ itself were a moment in time that I’m remembering back to."
From my island journal